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Teru : *turns around* What are you doing again?

Beetle : *frightened by Teru* *flies away*

Fo-LOO wannabe
1 April
I believe in believin in your own fuckin self. This is primarily an art blog, I post really slowly and sporadically, and drawings of women's breasts and either sex's genitalia don't go behind an lj-cut in this here space. If however they are presented in a sexual context, that does get put behind a cut.

This is what I'm interested in so this is what I will draw the most of:
1. women's and men's bodies 2. old people 3. being naked w/out sexual context 4. tanlines, wrinkles 5. guys with typically feminine hairstyles/other "fem" qualities 6. absurd/nonsensical situations 7. mostly bodies.

parapagus.blogspot.com visual conversation proj with my fren Ariyana
hue.pitas.com dead

sites I like:

In the small_room_rp couches are LOVE!</center>
(an AU Naruto rp, it's dead now but it's excellent)
pooh comic..ahahah
Green Oblivion comics, check out Wet Moon, realistic plumpy style
LsB not updated anymore
SACRED cute, comics +illust, rpg focus, Gensui5, FF7, etc, shoujo style
Disgaea artist
ŽG‘’à crazy Naruto chibis
Suika (The Giraffe's Sleeping Quarters) wallpapers and photography
Supermaniac Soul Kakairu, orig
S.F.W. Sanzoro, N+Z, N+Z+S, ahhh soo cute and clever!! a lot of diff styles in one spot, overall nakamaship
Blackmoontides oh oh